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9 Best Home Remedies for Vertigo-Dizziness

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If you feel dizzy several times a day and the whole comes round and round around the eye then you may be suffer from a disease called vertigo. Headache, dizziness, nojia these are the symptoms of vertigo. Vertigo is a Latin word which means dizziness. It is the feeling that everything is moving.

9 Best Home Remedies for Vertigo-Dizziness

Home Remedies for dizziness
You are stable but the environment find rounds. It view appears everything turns on the transverse or oblique. Sometimes one feels like vomiting with dizziness. If you are constantly dizzy for several months then do not ignore it. Sometimes the cause of dizziness or anemia is low BP.

We can recover from some simple home remedies in dizziness or vertigo. Let us know what are the home remedies:

1) Intake of coconut water: Dizziness can be removed by drinking coconut water regularly.

2) Seeds of Melons: Roast the melons seeds in cow’s ghee and grind it. Eat it 5gm every day in the morning-evening until dizziness stops.

3) Intake of Amla powder: Make powder of dry amla by grinding it. Then take 10 gm amla powder and add it in 10 gm coriander powder and 1 glass of water. Drink it after filtering it.

4) Eat ginger: Use plenty of ginger in food and tea. Ginger will stop dizziness.

5) Basil: Take 20 leafs of basil and grinds it. Add honey in it and eat it. You will get rid of from vertigo.

6) Lie: Whenever you get dizziness lie down immediately. You should put a pillow under the head.

7) Do Pranayama: If you have serious problem of vertigo then you should do Anuloam-Vilom Pranayama.

8) Drink less tea-coffee: Control on intake tea and coffee to overcome from this problem. This increase the dizziness.

9) Drink cold water: You can get immediate relief by drinking 3 glass of cold water which is similar to ice.

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