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10 Home Remedies for Gout Pain

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Often people complain arthritis due to aging. The biggest reason behind this would be the excess of uric acid in the body. When uric acid increase in the body then it deposited in the form of small crystal in the joints and cause pain and spasm. It is also called as arthritis in many places.

10 Home Remedies for Gout Pain

Gout Pain
What is arthritis? When uric acid accumulates in bones then takes the form of arthritis. Uric acid is formed from eating many foods. Patient has one or several joint pains, stiffness or swelling. It sting like colic pain so the disease called as arthritis. It is in many ways such as acute, astiao, rumetite, gout etc.

Inflammation seems to any form of arthritis. The swelling seems due to joint pain, stiffness. One gets trouble in the movement. The effects can be seen on knees, buttocks, finger and wrists. After that it affects in the bones of spine, elbows, shoulders and ankles.

Along with medical advice you should do some home remedies for arthritis. You will get quickly relief. Let us know some home remedy to get rid of the pain of arthritis

Drink More Water: You should drink more water when you have gout problem. You may have problem of more urinate but you will get relief in few days.

Juice of Fresh Leaves Bathua: Drink 15 gm juice of Bathua leafs regularly. Do not add anything for taste. You may get more benefit by drinking it with empty stomach. You get permanent relief by drinking it for 3 months.

Aloe-Vera: Cut leaves of aloe-vera and apply its gel on the spot. You will get good relief.

Potato Juice: Drink 2 potatoes juice before taking lunch/dinner every day. You get relief by in taking at least 100 ml juice.

Intake of Saunth: Saunth means dry ginger which gives you relief in gout. You can take it in any form such as Harira or Ladoo.

Castor Oil Massage: You can do massage with castor oil in tremendous pain. It gives you relief along with decrease in inflammation.

Steam Soak: It is forbidden in arthritis but if you take the steam you will feel relax. Soaked the towel in warm water and put on the spot.

Green Vegetables: Arthritis patients should always plenty of green leafy vegetables. It gives the energy and does not cause pain.

Garlic: Garlic is extremely beneficial in arthritic disease. The drug relieves arthritic disease. If you do not like to eat then you can add rock salt, cumin, asafetida, people, black pepper and Saunth 2-2 gm and grind it. Fry this paste in castor oil and keep it in bottle. Apply it when you get pain. You will get relief.

Steam Baath: Take the steam bath when you have pain of arthritis and immediately do massage with olive oil. This will help immensely.

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