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Food to Avoid During Sinus Infection - Ayurveda Upay

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Do you have constant sneeze and cold problem? Are you become peckish? Do you feel that you should go to the doctor? If you do not cure from normal medicine and you have body pain and allergy the you become victim of Sinusitis.

Food to Avoid During Sinus Infection - Ayurveda Upay

You are confused whether to take allopath, homeopathy or ayurveda? If you are too much confused regarding your medical advice then we will give you some advice. Ayurveda is the best in Sinusitis.

You will get relief in sinus infection by doing Ayurvedic remedy. You will definitely get relief. Do not worry when you sneeze, cold and headache after taking sleep. We will let you know some remedy for Sinusitis.

1. Molecule Oil: Molecule oil is the remedy for Sinusitis. When you go to the doctor regarding sinusitis then he will give you molecule oil. This oil is known to reduce the congestion. This oil is very effective when the nose is blocked. Although initially you sneeze and nose also moves constantly, but after a few days everything will be fine.

2. Kharidari Vati: Doctor will advise to use Kharidari Vati in sinus infection. Doctors recommend this drug to reduce the irritation. Also, ebony Gugal and wyoshadi vati are used for the same purpose.

3. Chyawanprash: It is the common remedy in ayurveda. Chyawanprash is also used in sinusitis. It helps to get rid of from nose allergy and body pain. Also asbestos and Laxmi villas rash are used in the treatment of body pain.

4. Chitrak Haritaki: This remedy is available in the form of Lehya. It is also the Ayurvedic treatment for sinus infection and one should do regular use by doctors prescribed method. Normally Chitrak Haritaki is taken two teaspoons with milk.

5. Jeevandhara: It is the mixture of camphor and menthol and it is used in Ayurvedic remedies for sinus infection. The drug is mixed with the smell hang time. You will get benefit if you breathe couple of times in a week. This will definitely give you great comfort.

6. Mixture: Your immune system may not strong enough. So you need to build immunity and it is necessary to draw out toxin from the body. You can easily do this by drinking water all day. You can get comfort by adding peppermint, clover and ginger in tea. You can also use turmeric, black pepper, fennel, cumin, coriander, ginger and garlic.

A person can overcome from the problem of sinusitis through disciplined and good diet. Of course Ayurvedic medicine works. For better results you should take these drugs for a few days.

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