Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Reason You should Eat Whole Grains - Benefits of Whole Grains

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Whole grains are reserves of carbohydrates which is good for the health. People who consume whole grains they have less possibility of diabetes, coronary artery disease, colon cancer and high blood pressure.

7 Reason You should Eat Whole Grains - Benefits of Whole Grains

Whole Grains
Whole grains have not only fiber but also it has unique blend of many vitamins, mineral salts, insoluble antioxidants and phytosterol. Let us know what whole grains should be included in your diet.

1. Brown Rice: You lose 75 % carbohydrates whenever you eat white rice compared to brown rice. Brown rice has good amount of fiber which is in vitamin B, phosphorus, magnesium and other anti-oxidant.

2. Wheat: It is very common and simple grains which is very important in dinner plate. It is used by grinding. Wheat has fiber and vitamin B complex which strengthens the digestive power.

3. Corn: Corn used occasionally compared to rice and wheat. Corn controls heart disease, diabetes and digestive system and balance the good bacteria.

4. Fenugreek: If you have stomach problem then you should eat fenugreek. Fenugreek balanced the good bacteria it means it reduces the intestines problems and develop an excellent immune system.

5. Buckwheat: In North India, things made from buckwheat flour can be eaten in Navratri fast. If women have menstrual pain then they should eat buckwheat. It reduces the pain and removes the deficiency of magnesium.

6. Oats: Nowadays much kind of flavor oats is available in the market. Stomach remains full whole day if you eat oats in the breakfast. You can get maximum fiber in oats which will control your cholesterol forever.

7. Nivarika or Mustard: It is a type of grass which is race of wheat. The seeds of Nivarika are used to make flour, bread, beer, whiskey, vodka and for animal feed. It is very good in terms of women’s health because it has good amount of fiber, iron and other nutrients.

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