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10 Ayurvedic Use of Peepal Tree - Ayurveda Upay

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Peeple tree is not only spiritual tree but it is also useful for health. It gives oxygen 24 hours so it is also useful. In Ayurveda it is saying that every part such as leaf, bark and fruit used in medicine. It is also useful in serious disease.

10 Ayurvedic Use of Peepal Tree - Ayurveda Upay

Ayurvedic Use of Peepal Tree
Leaf of peeple tree helps in leprosy, blood disorder, inflammation, cold and skin color. Peeple tree is also used in jaundice, night blindness, malaria, cold, asthma, cough and headache. Let us know how peeple tree is useful for our health.

Helpful in fever, cold and asthma: Take 5 leafs of peeple tree and boils it in milk adding sugar. You can get relief in fever, cold and asthma by drinking it 2 times in a day.

Eye Pain: Eye pain can be cured by applying milk. You can get this milk from leaf of peeple tree.

Helpful for Teeth: The new root of peeple tree is very fruitful for teeth.

Relief in Nosebleed: You can get relief in nosebleed by applying juice of peeple tree’s leaf.

Stretch in Ankles: You can apply juice of peeple tree’s leaf when you have cuts on your hand-legs.

Helpful in Phode-Phushi: You can use bark of peeple tree on phode-phushi. It will easily cure.

Snake Bite: If doctor is not available when bites then you snake can drink 2 teaspoons juice of peeple leaf for 3-4 times. The effect of poison will be removed.

Sterility: Male can take its powder in sterility and get strength.

Helpful in Jaundice: You can drink juice of peeple leaf for 3-4 times adding mishri when you have jaundice. You have to do this two times in a day for 3-4 days.

Removes Stammer: Stammer can be cured by taking its powder with honey. The speech would be smooth.

Asthma: You can take its powder and bark in asthma and get relief.

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