Monday, September 22, 2014

7 Things to Avoid in Morning - Mistakes Done in Morning

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There are some mistakes are done by most of us in morning. Below is the list of things we should avoid doing in morning. Check out the below mistakes to avoid in morning.

7 Things to Avoid in Morning - Mistakes Done in Morning

Things to Avoid in Morning
1. Going Gym in the morning: You should start work slowly in the morning. Give time to yourself to wake up slowly in the morning and move your muscles slowly. You should wake up on the right side from your bed. It help us to balanced the energy which is undeveloped when you are in sleep.

2. Do not stretch: When we wake up in the morning our muscles specially spine is stiff. If we do not stretch then we will work whole day with stiff joint. Walk slowly after waking up. If you feel your knee and ankles are tight then you should do stretch. You should do stretch for 3-4 times and take deep breathe. You will see the result.

3. Take tea in the morning: The best reason of good day is not tea which has metabolism but you should take some sour thing. Do not start your work with acidic thing such as sugar and milk or tea or coffee. You should drink lemon adding in water. After that you can take white tea or green tea.

4. Checking Phone: Do not start your day with phone or email checking. You cannot solve your problems in 2 hours when you wake up. You should spend your energy on right place not in other less important work.

5. Doesn’t take breakfast: Some research shows that you may become victim of obesity, diabetes and weak immunity if you do not eat breakfast in the morning. It is possible that you will eat unnecessary food during whole day if you do not take breakfast. You do not have to take breakfast like king but you should eat right food in the morning.

6. Grumpy nature: Some people wake up in the morning with unbalanced and busy schedule.

7. Do not plan your day: Do you plan for your clothes and food before one day? Most of the people do not plan for their day. It is very boring to make plan for the next day after the completing of busy day. But you should plan for your food and clothes. You should do preparation for your breakfast in the night.

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