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11 Remedies to Improve Eyesight - Eye Vision

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Today, due to change in life style and unscheduled activities many people have eye problems. Due to busy work schedule and wrong food habits they cannot do proper care for their eyes. Due to heavy work load in the office they have eye problems. In this regard, today we are going to tell you what to eat and what action you can take for clear eye vision.

Reason and Remedies to Improve Eyesight - Eye Vision

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Reason for unclear vision - Reasons for Low Eye sight

Remedies to Improve your EyeSight

Dust and smoke: Our atmosphere is polluted. Due to work we stay out of home for long hours and so our eyes come into the contact with dust and smoke. It affects our eyes.

Late night sleep: Eye becomes weak due to late night reading, playing games on mobile, watching Television and working on computer.

Leaving home in extreme heat: Eye affects due to going outside without wearing spectacles in extreme heat.

Use of different products: Eye problems also occur due to use of different eye products for beauty and looks.

Wrong food habit: Eye becomes weak due to less use of necessary and nutritional food in lunch/dinner.

11 Remedies to Improve your EyeSight - Eye Vision

Wash your eyes with water: Water solves your entire problem. You have to wash your eyes regularly. There would be no dehydration in your eyes and it becomes healthy. You have to make habit of washing the eyes. It reduces the stress of eyes. When you wake up in the morning keep water in your mouth and sprinkle water on your eyes. It increases the vision of eyes.

Do exercise which gives relief to eyes: Rub down your both palms and when it becomes hot then keep it on your eyes. It gives relief to your eyes.

Take complete sleep: It is necessary to take proper sleep to give rest to the eyes. Due to improper sleep dark circle creates under the eyes. The vision affected due to this. By taking complete sleep vision becomes clear and there would be no headache. It decrease the vision problem and gives rest to muscle of eyes.

Take Break: If you are doing continuous work then you should take rest. You have to take walk so your eyes will get rest.

Take medical advice for eyes: If your vision is clear and you do not face while reading then also you have to take medical advice once in a year. It is the best way to keep your eye healthy. It helps to get rid of from eye problems and treatment can take on time.

Concentrate on long distance: Normally we see near things but we should make habit of seeing such things which are far. You should see them while walking so that focus of eyes can be make clear.

Remove make up from the eyes: Remove the make up from the eyes before going to sleep. It is dangerous to take sleep without removing make up from the eyes. It affects on your eyes. You may feel burning in eye if you keep make up while taking sleep.

Wear sunglass: You have to wear sunglass before going outside in heat. It saves your eyes from the ultraviolet rays and does not have side effects. You have to use good quality sunglass.

Use fish in diet chart: Take fish in your food at least 3 times in a week. It removes the dry eye syndrome problem from the eyes. Fish has omega 3 which is good for clear vision. It also helps us to get rid of from cataract. Omega 3 increases the level of mind so indirectly your vision becomes clear.

Take nuts: Eye become dry to long hours working on computer and stress. You can take 4-5 almonds or eat 20-30 Gms nuts.

Green Vegetables: You can take green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, greens or fenugreek. It helps too much to increase the vision. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and calcium which increase the eye vision. Vitamin A helps to reduce the night blindness. To keep nutrition does not fry vegetables too much.

For clear vision you can take spinach. You have to do maximum use of spinach in your food habits. It is full of nutritional values which increase the eye vision. You can also take Amla and Orange which has vitamin C.

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