Friday, September 26, 2014

Reduce Belly Fat Just in 10 Days - Weight Loss

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Do you obesity problem and solder you? Do not worry we do have such tips which reduce your weight. Female also have problem of weight. Your old clothes become useless. If you take proper food then you can easily burn your belly fat.

Reduce Belly Fat Just in 10 Days - Weight Loss

Reduce Belly Fat Just in 10 Days
But you have to concentrate on your exercise along with the food. There are so many exercises which focus on stomach. So you should do it with food. You will get immediate result. You can lose your weight with strong determination in 10 days. Let us know such tips to reduce the weight.

Day 1 Water and Exercise: You have to drink more water on the 1st day. It increases your energy level. The level of water get complete and you will be fit. You should walk for 30 minutes on trade mill or walk to reduce the fat from stomach.

Day 2 Low Calorie diet and Exercise: Take low calorie food on 2nd day. Drink water to remain active.

Day 3 Juice and Exercise: Drink fresh fruit juice and smoothie. Your stomach becomes full and you do not get hunger. You have to do it whole day.

Day 4 Gram and Exercise: You have to take food which is made from grams. You will get too much energy. You have to do workout for one hour.

Day 5 Fiber and Exercise: You can eat food fiber food to reduce weight immediately. You do not have constipation. You should drink more water on this day.

Day 6 Dry Fruits and Exercise: Dry fruits has good amount of energy, protein and vitamin. You will be fit and healthy. You do not get hunger after eating it.

Day 7 Green Vegetables and Exercise: You can use broccoli and spinach in your salad. You can get energy whole day.

Day 8 Fruits and Exercise: You have to eat different fruits and drink water in your diet. It reduces your belly fat easily.

Day 9 Dairy Products and Exercise: You should eat fat-less milk and curd. Do not forget to do workout. Female should eat dairy products.

Day 10 Eggs and Exercise: Eggs has good amount of protein which is necessary to weight loss. It increases the energy and decreases the belly fat.

Follow this plan and hope to see flat and attractive belly. For more weight loss tips, you can keep visiting us.

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