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6 Natural Remedies For A Healthy Liver - Home Remedies

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Liver is the busy part of our body. It does many bio-chemical activities such as it creates bile juice which digestion, creating plasma, storage of iron, blood clotting and many other activities. However, due to bad habits of our modern life style such as smoking, alcohol, stress and junk food affects liver and we may have some disease. Today, we tell you 6 home remedies which can help you to avoid liver problems.

6 Natural Remedies For A Healthy Liver - Home Remedies

Healthy Liver
1. Turmeric

Turmeric has good amount of anti-oxidant by which liver becomes healthy. In Asian countries people use it more as a remedy but now western countries also use it for healthy liver. According to such research, turmeric’s antiviral action restricts hepatitis B and C virus. You can use it while making food or drink it by adding it in milk. You will get rid of from liver problems.

2. Amla

Amla has good amount of vitamin C. It is also helpful for stomach as it keeps liver to the high level function. Researcher has belief that Amla has the elements which protect the liver. However it is not prove that it cure the hepatitis B infection or not. Amla is the main element of 'chyawanprash' which increase the power to fight with the disease, digestion system and protect the liver. You can take it in small pieces and add it in your salad or you can also take it with curd.

3. Liquorice

A person who has non alcoholic fatty liver disease (when fat increase in liver) they have high tronsmainejh enzymes ALT and AST. According to study, liquorice reduces the enzymes from the liver. So liquorice is fruitful for liver. It is known for its sweet taste and anti ulcer function. It is used to get rid of from liver problems in ayurveda. You can get liquorice in any Ayurvedic store. You have to make powder after grind it and make tea in boil water and drink its liquid.

4. Giloy (NECTAR)

This Ayurvedic remedy has rejuvenation benefits. Giloy can be easily available in kitchen garden. It is saying that it removes the toxin and gives strength to the functioning of liver. However, such physician believes that patient who has high toxin in their liver they should avoid taking Giloy as it increase the problems. You should take Ayurvedic advice before taking it.

5. Seeds of Linseed

The body cells have many locations which are known as receptor sites. This cites bind the hormones with the cells and circulate the blood. The liver get stress as it has to filter the hormones. According to study, seeds of linseed has phytoconstituents which restricts hormones to collect so the live the get less stress. You can take seeds of linseed by grating or unbroken. Your liver remains healthy.

6. Vegetables

Such vegetables have elements which help to collect the enzymes for liver. These enzymes removes the carcinogens (Cancer element) from the body. Sugar beet, cabbage, carrot, broccoli, onion and garlic are good vegetables for the liver. Broccoli, onion and garlic give sulfur to the body and protect the liver from the diseases.

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