Friday, September 12, 2014

How Perfect Size of Bra Avoids Breast Cancer - Home Remedies

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IANS has given clarification that there is no relationship between bra and breast cancer in women who has menopause. Lu Chan, Student in University of Washington School of Public Health in America, says people living in developing country rather than developed countries, have belief that breast cancer occurs due to wearing bra. There is also controversy on that.

How Perfect Size of Bra Avoids Breast Cancer - Home Remedies

The results show during research that there is no relationship between breast cancer and wearing bra.

Chan says there is no evidence found of breast cancer relating to which bra or in what age woman wear bra. This research has been done on 1000 women between the ages of 55-74. This research published in “Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarks and Prevention”.

How to Choose Perfect Fitting Bra?

Do you know choosing best bra, Bra size is most important.Loose bra can make lots of problems. So, here is some facts about bra size, that you need to take care of.

1. Back Band :- The back band of bra should be fit to your body, on center of your back, and make sure it doesn't move to your chest area.

2. Frond Band :- You should always make sure about the frond band of bra that its fit enough, and its underwire must rests on your body.

3. Shoulder Straps: There should be enough space between your shoulder and bra straps. You can check it via using one of your finger space between body and bra straps. Only 20 % support to your breasts goes via Shoulder straps. Because it connects front band and back band, it is having quite good importance.

4. Back Straps :- The back straps mostly stay parallel to each other, usually in V shape, if it is too wide then it means your bra band is small and not able to stretched.

5. Right Size of CUP :- The cup size part is also same important as the size of bra. Bra cups must cover the chest area fully. There are different design available for cup size and each design will give you good looks. But before choosing it, make sure it support chest tissues, The center of the bra Must fit at the center of your chest. Use Swoop and Scoop to adjust your chest tissue with your bra cup.

These are essential and most important things about bra, bra size and breast cancer. No need to worry, wear perfect size of  bra and you will be fine.

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