Friday, September 11, 2015

10+ Home Remedies for Throat Infection

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Are you having Throat Infection? Here is some effective Home Remedies for Throat Infection problem. Hope it will help you.

10+ Home Remedies for Throat Infection

Throat Infection
What are the reason for Throat Infection?

There are many reasons of throat infection such as having cold food or spicy food or change in weather. Throat infection also occurs due to pollution. You have to take it seriously as it may become serious problem. 

A person can face problem in speaking due to tonsil. Due to allergy or smoking one may have throat infection. Many time people do not take it seriously however you should do such remedy for it. You can also rid of from throat infection by doing homemade remedy.

Remedies for Throat Infection

1. You can get relief by doing gargling with lukewarm water. You have to add salt in it.

2. Do not eat too much cold food. You should drink lukewarm water.

3. You can get relief in throat infection by drinking ginger and salt tea.

4. Do not eat oily food. It increases the throat infection.

5. You can drink milk adding water to get relief in throat infection.

6. You can also get relief by drinking milk adding turmeric in it.

7. Throat infection removes by taking juice of Tulsi leaf and honey. It should be lukewarm when you take it.

8. Juice of Tulsi is also beneficial in cough.

9. Take juice of garlic and add honey in it. You can get relief by taking this mixture.

10. You should avoid smoking. Smoking has its own Disadvantages and it hurts your body (health) a lot. Try to do Yoga and quite Smoking.

These are the home remedies and some tips to avoid throat infection, keep visiting us for more Ayurveda home remedies.


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