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9 Healthy Benefits of Custard Apple - Home Remedies

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Custard apple is very sweet fruit but people have very less information on it. It is available from August to November means from the month of Ashwin to Magh. If we consider ayurveda then custard apple gives coolness to the body. It is very good for bile, thirst, vomiting, nutritious, cough and vigor, increases the muscles and blood, gives power, gout problems and heart.

9 Healthy Benefits of Custard Apple - Home Remedies

Custard Apple
People combine it with Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. There is a belief that during dwelling in a forest Sita gifted fruits to Ram, called as custard apple. If you eat one custard apple in a day then you can save your life from many diseases. Let us know from which diseases we can get rid of by eating custard apple.

Tumor: You can tie up custard apple’s flesh then you can get rid of from it.

Helpful in Baldness: You can crush its seeds and add it goat’s milk. You can use it on your head and you can get improvement in your hair. Your head also get peace.

Remedy for Louse: Make powder of seeds and add it in water. You have to apply it on your hair before sleeping. You have to wash your hair in the morning. You have to do this for 2-3 nights and you can get rid of from louse. The oil comes from seeds has poison so you should take care of eyes while apply it on your hair.

Strong Heart: Custard apple is also helpful for those whose heart is weak, weak blood circulation, anxiety and high blood pressure problem.

Decrease the Body Temperature: Those whose body always remain hot and feel burning they should eat custard apple regularly.

Beautiful Skin: It has good amount of vitamin A which keeps skin healthy. It saves the skin from anti-aging.

Stomach: It has soluble thread which is very good for digestion system.

Good for Eyes, Hair and Skin: It has good amount of vitamin A which is very beneficial for our hair, eyes and skin.

Helpful in diarrhea: Cut the cultivate fruit and dry it. It should be eaten by patient. He/she will get rid of from diarrhea.

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