Saturday, September 27, 2014

7 Health Risks of Using Laptop

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Laptop is the important part of our life. But people who work for long hours on laptop keeping on their thighs they have to now understand that it is harmful for their skin. Backache or sterility laptop affects everyone. How much you love laptop but it affects you more.

7 Health Risks of Using Laptop

Health Risks of Using Laptop
The heat from the laptop affects your skin when you keep on your thighs. You may have cancer. If you want to use laptop then you should keep away from your body. Let us know what are the disadvantages of using laptop.

Backache: We have to bend ahead when we keep laptop on our thighs. It affects our lower back. You may have Spondylitis.

Sterility: Male may have sterility problem if they use laptop constantly. It affects on your sperm and its value. You should not keep it on your thighs.

Computer Vision Syndrome: You see the laptop screen very nearly while using it. It affects your eyes. Your feel burden, dryness and vision problems.

Neck ache: You should bend your neck if you keep it on your thighs. So your neck has perkiness and you have pain in it. You may have Spondylitis.

Skin Disease: The heat of laptop creates many diseases when you keep it on your thighs/legs.

Cancer: You have itching problem or skin become hot when you keep laptop on your thighs for long hours. You may have skin cancer. This happens due to use of constant use of laptop.

In-sensitiveness in Fingers: You may have pain in fingers, perkiness or in-sensitiveness by constant use of laptop.
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