Sunday, September 28, 2014

5 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

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It might be possible that you are using sweet potato in less amount but it has very good nutritional element which keeps you health. Today we are using more potato instead of sweet potato. If you know its benefits then you will get surprised. It regular use reduces the level of blood sugar.

5 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

Health Benefits of Sweet Potato
It solve Cancer and heart disease very easily but many people does not know it’s healthy benefits. Sweet potato has iron, pholet, copper, magnesium and vitamins which give strength to immune system. Skin get glow and there would be no wrinkles on face by taking sweet potato. Let us know its healthy benefits.

Saves from Cancer: Dark sweet potato has good amount of carotenoid such as beta keratin and vitamin A. Food which has more carotenoid it saves from lung and mouth cancer.

Control Blood Sugar: If your blood sugar level increases immediately after taking anything then you should eat sweet potato. It controls the blood sugar level and does not increase the insulin.

Helpful for skin and full of anti ageing element: Eye vision becomes clear and immune system becomes strong by eating sweet potato. It has beta carotene which fights with free radicals and you do not look aged. It has vitamin C which creates collagen in skin and maintains the age.

How Sweet Potato Helps in Weight Loss

Save from heart disease: Sweet potato has vitamin B6 which restricts chemical homocysteine in the body. It saves from heart attacks. It has potassium which controls the blood pressure and maintains routine work.

Gives relief from stress: It has high potassium which is used by our body when it gets stress. So you should eat sweet potato. It reduces the spasm the muscles which occurs due to deficiency of potassium.

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