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20 Best Morning Breakfast for Good Health

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Are you confused with what to eat in morning breakfast? Here some great suggestion of health breakfast, Check out the 20 best morning breakfast you should eat. 

20 Best Morning Breakfast for Good Health

Morning Breakfast for Good Health
Honey: Honey has good amount of anti bacterial element. You can protect yourself from cold, cough, heart disease and stomach problems by taking honey.

Cornflakes: You can immediately get carbohydrates, fiber and energy. It has also good amount of iron and calcium.

Herbal Tea: The amount of caffeine is less in tea compared to coffee. You will feel fresh and get anti oxidant whole day by drinking green tea or herbal tea in the morning.

Egg: You should eat 2 eggs regularly to get proper energy during whole day. It has protein and omega 3 fatty acid.

Milk: You will get good amount of calcium and protein if you drink milk. You can also add something in milk. You can also get energy.

Watermelon: Your body requires water when you wake up in the morning. You can get water and calorie by eating watermelon in the morning.

Oats: It is to make oats in the morning. Your stomach remains full for many hours by eating oats.

Coffee: Migration can be cure by coffee. Coffee is the best drink for the morning.

Citric fruit: You can get energy and keep your stomach healthy by eating citric fruits. It has anti oxidant which makes your body system clean.

Brown Bread: Brown bread has fiber and it has low calorie. You can use it to make sandwich.

Banana: You can eat 2 bananas to get instant energy in the morning.

Linseed: You can eat linseed in your breakfast.

Curd: Many people eat curd as they do not digest milk in the morning. It has protein and calcium. Also it has bacteria which keep digestion system healthy.

Smoothie of fresh fruits: You can drink fresh fruit juice along with packed juice. It has no artificial flavor. It also keeps your body full.

Papaya: If you are on weight loss diet then you can eat papaya. It has lycopene which is anti oxidant. It is helpful to burn the fat.

Almond: If you are on heavy diet then you can eat handful almond. You will get good amount of energy, omega 3 and vitamin E.

Peanut Butter: You will get energy slowly and can work whole day by taking peanut butter. It also helps us to reduce the weight.

Water: You should drink 1 glass lemon juice after waking up. It removes dirt from your body. If you want to lose weight then you should drink hot water.

Apple: It has good amount of iron and natural sweetness. You can get more power from apple eating with oats.

Musk Melon: Musk melon is very good for beautiful skin as it has vitamin C and vitamin A. It has low calorie and your stomach remains full till the lunch time.

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