Tuesday, September 30, 2014

6 Fantastic Breakfast Ideas for Working Women

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Today, women become expert in doing multiple tasks. They can work similar like man and also maintain the house. They handle work and home but during this time they cannot take care of their health.

6 Fantastic Breakfast Ideas for Working Women

Working women, they eat less due to heavy work load and they cannot sleep properly in night which affects their health.But if you are physically and mentally fit then only you can work well in office. Working woman has bone problems and anemia which occurs due to wrong food habits. It is necessary to eat healthy snacks with food. It gives some nutritional benefits. If you are working woman then you should eat following snacks.

Curd: You can eat curd to get more energy. You can add some dry fruits such as almond, raisin and pistachio in it. They are full of protein, vitamin and minerals.

Almond and Walnut: This dry fruits have nutritious and fiber, selenium, vitamin E and Omega 3. Your stomach remains full for long time after eating this.

Chat of Grams: The chat of black gram is very fruitful. You can eat one bowl of black gram by adding tomato, carrot and spinach. You will get protein, carbohydrates and fiber.

Apple: The level of immunity rapidly increases by eating apple. Your stomach remains full and body gets anti oxidant. Apple is very helpful in some diseases.

Awokado: You can get good energy by eating Awokado with lemon. You can also drink juice of Awokado. It is very healthy and you can get energy by eating it.

Idli and Chutney: It is very powerful snack which has starch and carbohydrates. You can eat this snack with coconut chutney. You will get protein. Idli does not have fat and it is very good for stomach.


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