Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Benefits of Starting Day with Cold Water and Nuts

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Do you want to start your each day with good health? Here is some tips on how drinking cold water in morning helps you. If you want to be healthy then you should start your day with cold water, almond and exercise. You feel fresh whole day. One expert has given some tips for health.

Benefits of Starting Day with Cold Water and Nuts

Cold Water
Cold Water: You should drink half liter cold water after wake up in the morning. It helps us to increase the metabolism in our body.

10 Almonds: You have to eat 6-10 almonds and walnut in empty stomach. It makes some enazmines which are helpful to increase the metabolism.

Breakfast: Breakfast should be heavy so that you can get energy whole day. It should be full of carbohydrates and protein.

Exercise: You should do exercise. It makes muscles flexible and reduces the degeneration process.

Too much walk: You should take walk how much you can. It helps to burn the extra calorie.

Energy from Almond and Walnut: Almond and walnut are source of energy. You can eat few peanuts whole day.

Meditation and Rest:
You should concentrate on meditation and rest. It gives mental peace and increase the thinking power.

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