Monday, September 14, 2015

10+ Ayurveda Benefit of Neem Leaf (Neem Leaves) - Home Remedies

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Neem is very bitter to eat but it is very useful. Neem tree has medical benefit in their root, leaf and fruits. Using of neem tree is very fruitful for our body. Leaf of neem, brush of neem, neem oil is very fruitful. By using its leaf many disease can be cure. 

Ayurveda Benefit of Neem Leaf (Neem Leaves) - Home Remedies

1. Chewing of neem leaf make blood clean.

2. By doing brush with neem your teeth becomes strong and clear. Also it has no tumefaction.

3. You can use bark of neem on any wound. It will easily cure.

4. Take leafs of neem and boils it. You can use this water to take bath. It helps to get rid from skin disease.

5. Using neem oil is also beneficial. It has many health benefits of Neem Oil.

6. Neem oil use to make many medicines. Using neem is also fruitful for diabetes patient.

7. A person can also get rid of from piles by using powder of neem seeds.

8. Take leafs of neem tree and boils it. You have to use this water to wash your hair. It makes hair black and also stops hair fall.

9. Cholesterol level decreases by using neem leaf.

10. You can use neem juice in earache, it works very fine..

11. You can drink milk adding neem oil when you have acidity problem.

12. If you have Viral Disease than Neem Leaf can help you a lot since neem leafs extract and eliminate Virus. That's why some people advise to use boiled neem leaf's in bathing water as it eliminates virus and viral disease from your body.

13. Neem bark (Neem Leaves) contain Polysaccharides and liomnoids which are beneficial for alleviating cancer and tumor cells.

So, these are the Ayurveda benefits of Neem Tree, Neem leaf. If you want to get more home remedies, keep visiting us daily, Thank you :).

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