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Top 5 Reason Why you should Say no to Water between Meals

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Normally we seat on the dining table with glass of water. Many people believe that it is necessary to have glass of water while taking food. But this habit affects you health.

Top 5 Reason Why you should not Drink Water During Meals

Drink Water During Meals
1. Decrease the stomach juice: It helps us to digest the food. Stomach juice becomes weak by drinking water during lunch/dinner. Many people have twist in stomach. It remains in stomach and reach late to the small intestines for nutrition’s and absorption.

2. Reduce the saliva in mouth: Saliva is the first step of digestion. Saliva has enazmines which help us to chew the food, release the enazmines for digestion and prepare the stomach for digestion. Digestion enazmines does not release proper and mix up with saliva if we drink water. It is difficult to chew the food and digest it.

3. Acidity: You may have acidity problem if you drink water while taking lunch/dinner. Water affects digestion system and creates many problems. According to Sonali Sabarwal, when stomach becomes full of water then it starts making bile juice thin. In this way digestion enzamine release in less amount. So, there may be acidity and envy starts in chest.

4. Level of insulin increase in the body: According to Sonali Sabarwal, insulin level increase the by drinking water during lunch/dinner on the similar way of glyaisimia food products. Glucose of the food converts into fat which increase the blood sugar. By this way, level of insulin increase in the body.

5. Increase the weight: Drinking water while taking food directly affects to the weight. Glucose of the food converts into fat which increase the blood sugar. According to Ayurveda, weak digestion is the main factor of fire element. It does not only increase bile, gout and cough but also disturbs the system of the body.


You should take less salt in food as it increase the level of water in the body. So you do not have thrust and need to drink water.

You should chew the food properly. If you chew the food then digestion becomes strong due to saliva. The food also digests easily if you chew the food. The more you chew the food more saliva would create in the mouth so that you do not need to drink water while eating the food.

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