Monday, July 24, 2017

Home Remedies for Viral Fever - Ayurvedic Upay

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Viral diseases are common diseases in this season. The fever caused by different types of viruses is called viral fever. The method of treatment is the same as they are almost identical to their simulations.

Home Remedies for Viral Fever - Ayurvedic Upay

viral fever home remedies
- Soak cut potato pieces in vinegar. Keep it in clean cloth and put it on forehead. It is beneficial.

- Cut lemon and rub it on feet. You can also keep it in shocks and wear it for overnight.

- Cut the garlic and eat it with one teaspoon honey. Fry the garlic in mustard oil and do massage it on soles.

- Boil 20-25 basil leaves, a piece of ginger and 3-4 cloves in four glass water. Drink this water in every two hours.

- It is beneficial to chew neem leaves, taking bath with neem water and keeping neem leaves in bed room.

- Drinks boiled and filter or purify water.

- Daily wash or change used towel in the home.

- Cover your mouth with handkerchief while sneezing.

- Use mosquito net to avoid mosquito while sleeping.

- Do not eat road side food or open food.

- Cover your mouth and nose while going outside.

- Avoid going in crowded places such as theater and mall.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Healthy Food For Weight Loss According To Ayurved

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In ayurveda, some tips are being used to reduce obesity for many years. This reduces the weight and also decreases fat. In ayurveda, these things are also sued in the treatment of many diseases. One should eat slowly and chew the food. Eat light food like khichdi or porridge at night. Do not keep the attention anywhere while eating food. Weight increases due to cough in the body. Therefore, avoid such food, which increases cough.

Healthy Food For Weight Loss According To Ayurved

Healthy Food For Weight Loss According To Ayurved
Amla: The amla powder with turmeric reduces obesity and avoids heart diseases.

Lemon: The lemon juice with bitter gourd juice reduces weight and avoids constipation.

Aloe Vera Juice: The aloe vera juice with cucumber juice reduces obesity and beneficial for skin and hair.

Saunf: The saunf with mishri reduces fat around the belly and avoids heart diseases.

Honey: The honey with lemon juice reduces obesity and avoids stomach problems.

Tulsi: The Tulsi juice with yogurt reduces weight. This increases shine of the hair.

Celery: The cumin with black peeper and celery is beneficial for weight loss. This sharpens the memory.

Neem Leaves (Curry Pata): The paste of curry pata with tomato juice reduces obesity and improves digestion.

Mint: Mint juice with rock salt controls weight and increases beauty.

Buttermilk: Buttermilk with black salt reduces obesity and avoids dehydration.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Egg Beneficial Or Harmful, Know About Eggs

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The egg is called complete diet. Therefore, diet experts advise people of all ages to include eggs in their diet.

Egg Beneficial Or Harmful, Know About Eggs


Egg contains protein. This tones the muscles. It is very beneficial for six pack.

Egg contains amino acids. This increases stamina and reduces weakness.

Egg has low amount of calorie. This controls weight.

Egg contains calcium and vitamin D. This strengthens the muscles.

Egg contains omega 3 fatty acids. This increases fertility.

Egg contains vitamins B12. This increases mind power and sharpen the memory.

Egg has selenium copper. This increase shining of the skin and thickens the hair.

Side Effects

Egg has high amount of protein. The high consumption of egg might creates kidney problem.

Egg has high amount of sulphur. This might create allergy.

The half cooked egg and its peel has salmonella bacteria. This increases the risk of food poisoning.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Boiled Vegetables Is More Healthy

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Boiling some vegetables not only eliminate bacteria but also avoid many health problems such as kidney and obesity. Keep the low quantity of water in the vegetables while boiling. This does not eliminate water soluble vitamins present in vegetables. 

Boiled Vegetables Is More Healthy

Boiled Vegetables
Boil vegetables by cutting in large pieces. Nutrients present in the vegetables remain in this way. There are several benefits of boiled vegetables. This reduces weight and acidity. It avoids kidney problem and keeps skin healthy. It gets digested easily.

Spinach: It contains oxygenic acid, which reduces after boiling spinach. This reduces the risk of kidney problem.

Tomato: It contains lycopene, which easily absorbs in the body after boiling tomato. Lycopene cannot absorb in the body if you eat raw potato.

Potato: It contains carbohydrates, which reduces after boiling tomato. This controls weight.

Cabbage: It contains tapeworm and hookworm bacteria, which removes after boiling cabbage. This controls weight.

Capsicum: It contains beta carotene, which easily absorb by the body after boiling capsicum. This keeps eyes healthy.

Beans: The boiled beans increase immunity. It is extremely beneficial for diabetes patient.

Mushroom: The boil mushroom doesn’t have toxins. This strengthens the muscles.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

List of Healthy Food For Black And Healthy Hair

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Nowadays due to irregular lifestyle and bad habits of catering, the hair starts to become white in young age. The color of the hair is determined by a pigment found in a body called melanin. With its deficiency, hair color becomes white.

List of Healthy Food For Black And Healthy Hair

Healthy Food For Black hair
Egg: It contains iron and zinc. The daily consumption of egg makes hair black. It is also beneficial to apply in the root of hair.

Lemon: It contains high amount of vitamin C, which strengthens the hair. This makes hair black.

Onion: It contains sulphur. Applying onion juice in hair once in a month makes hair black. The consumption of onion also makes hair healthy.

Almond: It contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. Daily, the consumption of handful almond makes hair black and thin.

Amla: The mixture of lemon juice with amla powder makes hair black. Daily consumption of one amla makes hair black and avoids white hair.

Banana: It has calcium and minerals. Daily consumption of one banana makes hair black.

Black Sesame: Soak black sesame in water for few minutes. This makes hair black in ageing.

Papaya: Prepare raw papaya paste. This makes hair black.

Gram: It has high amount protein. This increase darkness of hair and keeps it healthy.

Fenugreek: The yogurt with fenugreek makes hair black. This also increases shine of the hair.

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