Wednesday, April 25, 2018

List of Foods To Avoid for Stomach Ulcer Patients

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Stomach ulcer is known as peptic ulcer. It occurs on above the small intestine. It is formed when the food digestive acid begins to damage the stomach or intestinal walls. Peptic ulcer is in the stomach or duodenal. It is of two types, first gastric ulcer and second duodenal ulcer. 
Stomach Ulcer

When there is laceration, stomach ache, irritation, vomiting and blood bleeding along with it occurs. After a while, it also bursts on ulcers. This is called performance. Due to ulcer, stomach burn, tooth ache and pain etc. occurs. If you keep your stomach empty for several hours after eating the meal then you can get this pain. 

This pain is more in the night and in the morning. This pain stays for several minutes and lasts for several hours. The symptoms of stomach ulcer are nausea, vomiting, not feeling hungry and lose weight.

Coffee: The consumption of caffeine increase acid level in the body. Therefore, stomach ulcer patient should avoid coffee. This improves health.

Spicy Food: Many researches have shown that spicy food increase stomach ulcer. This also increases irritation in stomach. Therefore, one should avoid spicy food.

Baked Food:
It has high amount of Trans fat. This increases acid in stomach. This also creates irritation in stomach.

White Bread: This is the food which also increase stomach ulcer. One should avoid having white bread during stomach ulcer.

Read Meat: Stomach ulcer patient should avoid read meat. It has high amount of fat and protein. This keeps stomach full for long time. It also increases acid in stomach.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol may create stomach ulcer. However, it would be like position for those who has already suffered with stomach ulcer. Drinking alcohol affects digestive system and increase acid level.

Dairy Product: It is full of fat. You should completely avoid it or use fewer amounts. This increases ulcer in stomach.

Rice, Wheat & Rotti: They are full of starch. It should be completely avoided. It is difficult digest. It also increase acid amount in the body.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Garlic Milk - Check out Health Benefits of Garlic Milk

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Garlic Milk
According to ayurveda, garlic milk avoids seven types of problem. There are no side effects of it. Take one glass lukewarm milk and mix three teaspoon water in it. Grind five garlic and mix it in milk. Drink this milk before bed. You can also mix honey in it.

Constipation: This milk improves the bowel movement. This makes stool soft at night. This avoids constipation.

High Cholesterol: This milk reduces high cholesterol. This milk broaden the blood cells. This dissolves the cholesterol and reduces the risk of high cholesterol.

Gas & Acidity: This milk produces healthy and digestive juice. It avoids indigestion, acidity and gas problem.

Migration: This milk also avoids migraine. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that avoid pain.

Sex Power: This milk increase the sex power of men. It is also beneficial in premature ejaculation.

Aging: This Ayurvedic remedy makes new body tissues and cells. This protects the early ageing of cells.

Joint Pain: This milk is extremely beneficial for joint pain. Milk and garlic has the quality to avoid inflammation and irritation. This milk avoids inflammation and pain.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Health Benefits of Jujube OR Berry

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Berry is a seasonal fruit. Berry has very low amount of calorie. It has many types of nutrients and vitamins. It is full of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Vitamin C: Berry has high amount of vitamin C. It has high amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidants compared to other fruits. Berry avoids ageing.

Insomnia: Berry has many types of amino acid. It is very good for body. It gives 50% nutrients to the body. It is beneficial to insomnia problem.

Hair Fall: Berry has 61 protein, vitamin C, carotids and B complex. It makes hair thick and healthy. The consumption of berry avoids fatigue. The mixture of berry with neem leaves avoids hair fall.

Weight: Berry is very good source to reduce weight. It has low amount of fat. It helps to reduce weight.

Tumor Cells: The consumption of berry avoids low blood pressure, anemia and liver problem. It avoids the production of tumor cells.

Fever & Lungs: The consumption of berry juice avoids cough and fever. It helps in lung problem and fever.

Immunity: Berry has magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, copper, calcium and iron. This strengthens the immune system. If our immune system is weak then we can get disease. Therefore, the regular consumption of berry avoids many diseases.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Top #8 Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

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In summer, a one glass sugarcane juice gives good health and avoids diseases. Sugarcane juice is beneficial in anemia, jaundice and vomiting. It has mineral, vitamin and anti-oxidants. One glass sugarcane juice has 180 calories, which is considered very low. It is beneficial to drink sugarcane juice with lemon and salt.

Top #8 Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane Juice
Pimples: The regular consumption of sugarcane juice avoids pimples. You can also apply its mask on face. You should mix multani mud in it. Apply it on neck and face. Keep this mask for 20 minutes on face and remove it with wet towel.

Energy: Sugarcane juice gives instant energy. It keeps us fresh as well as healthy.

Jaundice: Mix lemon and salt in sugarcane juice. Drink it twice in a day to avoid jaundice.

Diabetes: If you are diabetic patient then you can drink sugarcane juice as it balances the blood glucose. It does not have harmful sugar.

Cancer: The sugarcane has alkaline property that gives protection from cancer. It is beneficial in prostate, stomach, lung and breast cancer.

Vomiting: Drink sugarcane juice if you are suffering with vomiting due to heat. You can mix 2 teaspoon honey. This gives relief from vomiting.

Urine: The sugarcane juice is beneficial to avoid irritation in urine. It also avoids urine related problems.

Weight: It is sweet however, it is fat less. Sugarcane juice reduces bad cholesterol from the body. It is full of soluble fiber, which is helpful to reduce weight.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Top #6 Health Benefits Of Clove Water

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In India, Clove is used as spices, mouth freshener and one type of medicine. In Ayurveda, it is used for throat, lungs, teeth and sex related problems. Clove is also beneficial in vomiting, stomach problem, stress, Parkinson and body pain.

Health Benefits Of Clove Water

Clove Water
Method: Keep 5 cloves in one glass hot water in morning. Filter it at night before drinking.

Time: Drink this water in morning. It has no side effects therefore, you can always drink it.


    •    Clove water removes depression. It is beneficial in depression, stress and sleep problem.

    •    Clove water cool the nerves. It is beneficial in Parkinson or shivering problem.

    •    Clove water improves digestion problem. It is beneficial in vomiting, morning sickness and motions sickness.

    •    Clove water is beneficial in premature ejaculation.

    •    Clove water is panacea for throat infection.

    •    Clove water avoids teeth problem. It also removes moth odor.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Unknown Health Benefits of Dried Plums

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In summer, many juicy fruits are available. Many people like to eat dried plum. It is not only tasty but also it is full of vitamin and minerals. Dried plum is the good source of fiber. Therefore, it is beneficial to reduce weight. Dried plum has high amount of potassium that controls blood pressure. Dried plum has anti-oxidants that avoids blood clotting, cholesterol in the body.

Unknown Health Benefits of Dried Plums

Dried Plums
Weight: In recent research has shown that obese people has reduces 2 kg weighty by having dried plum for 12 weeks. Plum is good source of energy. It is not easily digestible and fill our stomach for long time. It is good source of soluble fiber therefore, it helps to reduce weight.

Heart Disease: Dried plum has phytochemicals therefore it works as powerful anti-oxidants. It removes the dry arteries and makes heart healthy. It is good for heart as it has high fiber.

Diabetes: Dried plum has high fiber, fructose and sorbitol elements. This doesn’t increase blood sugar level. It contains soluble fiber that helps to increase insulin. Dried plum is beneficial to avoid type 2 diabetes.

Osteoporosis: Dried plum is the good source of boron. This improves bones. Dried plum gives necessary nutrients to the bones.

Hypertension: Dried plum contains high potassium that regulates blood pressure. 100 gram plum contains 745 mg potassium. The consumption of dried plum controls blood pressure.

Digestion: Dried plum is beneficial in constipation and digestive problem. This increase the good bacterial in big intestine.

Cholesterol: Dried plum has fiber that prevents bile acid and removes it from the body. Liver removes cholesterol from the blood and increase bile acid. This activity helps to controls cholesterol in blood.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Health Benefits of Taking Flax Seeds With Warm Water

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Flax seed is beneficial in heart disease, digestive problem, cancer and diabetes. Flax seeds are very nutrients and help to avoid many diseases. It is full of fatty acid omega – 3. It also has high amount of fiber and Lignes. The regular consumption of flax seed is beneficial to avoid man disease.

Health Benefits of Taking Flax Seeds With Warm Water

Taking Flax Seeds With Warm Water
Weight: The consumption of flax seed before meal gives satisfaction. Therefore, obese people don’t like to eat more. It is beneficial to reduce weight.

Cancer: The consumption of flax seed avoid breast, prostate and stomach cancer. Flax seed contains omega – 3 fatty acids that avoid cancer.

Diabetes: The consumption of flax seed three times in a day is beneficial for type 2 diabetes patient. The flax seed use for one month balances the blood sugar level.

Blockage: Flax seed reduces the bad cholesterol level in the body. It also avoids blockages of vein. Flax seed improves the bone density therefore; it is beneficial in osteoporosis and gout.

Stomach: Flax seed has high amount of fiber. It avoids stomach problem.

Women: Flax seed helps to women when they get more heat during menstrual. This seeds also helps to avoid pre menopause symptoms.

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