Tuesday, March 20, 2018

List of Food Habits That Increases Brain Damage Risk

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During a day, we make many mistakes that affects our mind. This weaken the memory power, damage the brain tissues or Alzheimer problem. Our brain cannot work properly.

Brain Damage Risk
Sleep: The brain function affects if you do not take sleep for 7 hours. The brain function becomes disturb and impacts on brain.

Time: People who leave alone they face Alzheimer problem. This impacts on brain.

Junk Food: Junk food contains MCG additive. This affects neuron receptors of the brain. The high consumption of junk food creates confusion, headache and vomiting.

High Sound: Listening songs on fast sound on headphones or earphones has a bad effect on brain tissue. It can also cause Alzheimer’s problem.

Smoking: Many harmful chemicals releases during smoking. This makes blood thick therefore, blood supply reduces in brain. This might create problem.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

List of Foods to Avoid For Gas Problem - Ayurveda Upay

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Gas Problem
Average person pass gas for 14-23 times in a day. Many times more gas occurs in the stomach. There are such foods that creates more gas. Gas occurs due to more gas in stomach or due to such food. The bacteria that digest food in stomach creates gas. One should change his diet if he suffers with gas.

Dry Beans: Dry beans such as rajma, chhole, dry green pea, dry yellow mutter, lentils. This all create gas in stomach. It contains raffinose element and complex sugar. It is difficult to digest. This would be the reason of gas.

Oats: This also makes gas in stomach. Oats creates gas in stomach. It contains high soluble fiber content. Oatmeal, oats and oatmeal cookies creates gas. One should eat it in limited amount.

Milk, Ice-Cream & Cheese: Lactose is one type of sugar, which is found in every dairy products. Those who has not enough lactose enzyme they face problems in digesting the lactose. This creates gas in stomach. One can drink almond milk or soya milk instead of dairy products.

Soda & Cold Drink: Soda and soft or cold drink create gas in stomach. It is difficult to digest. This drink contains air which creates gas. Fructose is used to make it sweet, which is difficult to digest and creates gas.

Pasta & Bread: It has high carbohydrate that creates gas. One should avoid it. Corn and potato also creates gas.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Things to Avoid for Lung Infection - Home Remedies

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Lung disease is medical condition. Many people suffer with lung disease. Smoking, infection and genetic factors are responsible for it. Lungs bring oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the body.

Things to Avoid for Lung Infection - Home Remedies

Lung Infection
Unfiltered air enters into lungs when you take breath through mouth. This becomes the reason of lung infection.

Drinking water after having fruits may create lung infection. This increase cough and increases infection in lungs.

Drinking cold water or cold drinks during sweat disturb the gout. This increase the risk of lung infection.

Staying in polluted and smoke area increase the risk of lung infection and lung disease.

In the ICU ward of the hospital without wearing a mask may create lung infection. Because the present bacteria go straight into the lungs.

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