Friday, August 17, 2018

Foods That Cure Jaundice Qucikly - Home Remedies

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Jaundice problem increase due to change in weather. In Ayureda, there is a good remedy for jaundice. Makoy is the true medicine of jaundice and it can be consumed in any form. Jaundice patient should drink more water. Raw papaya is also beneficial in jaundice.

Radish Juice
: Radish juice is so powerful that it can remove excess bilirubin from blood and liver. The patient should drink 2 to 3 glass radish juice daily.

Coriander: Soaked coriander seeds in water for overnight and drink it in morning. It removes dirt from the liver.

Barley: Barley has the power to remove dirt from your body.

Tomato Juice: Tomato contains vitamin C therefore, it is full of lycopene. It is powerful anti-oxidant. Therefore, tomato juice is beneficial to keep liver healthy.

Amla: Amla has high amount of vitamin C. You can eat raw or dry Amla. Its juice is also beneficial to clean the liver.

Basil: It is natural remedy that cleans the liver. One should eat 4-5 basil leaves in morning.

Lemon Juice: Squeeze the lemon in water and drink it. It cleans the stomach. One should drink it in morning.

Pineapple: Pineapple is one type of fruit that keeps the body clean from inside.

Sugarcane Juice: Jaundice patient should drink sugarcane juice. It gives instant relief to avoid jaundice.

Yogurt: Yogurt easily digests and it gives probiotic to the stomach. It is good bacteria that help to fight against jaundice.

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

List of Foods That Prevent Acidity - Home Remedies

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Acidity problem is very common. If you eat any spicy food in breakfast then it becomes acid in the stomach. Acidity occurs only when there is excessive secretion of acid in the stomach. When this secretion gets accelerated then we feel that our heart and throats are burning from inside. 

If you are not taking the right diet or sleeping less then you may also have to fight with acidity. There are some foods such as soda, cheese, chocolate, fried food, tomatoes, milk, citrus fruit, coffee and more tea, whose consumption can lead to acidity problems.

Oatmeal: It easily digested in the body. It absorbs the acid from stomach.

Ginger: It contains anti-inflammatory property and power to digest the food. It protects the formation of acid.

Potato Juice: The consumption of potato juice gives good relief from acidity.

Pineapple: It has plenty of digestive enzymes. It reduces the acid level in the body.

Banana: You can eat cooked banana to avoid throat irritation. Do not eat anything until 1 hour after having banana.

Musk Melon: It is full of potassium that removes acid from the stomach.

Saunf: The saunf leaves are beneficial to avoid acidity.

Sea Food: The sea food specially fish, is beneficial to avoid heart burn.

Carrot: Cabbage, broccoli or carrot is beneficial to reduce chest irritation or acidity.

Spinach: Spinach easily absorbs the stomach acidity. It is extremely beneficial to eat boil spinach.

Coriander: This green leafy vegetable has high amount of water. It reduces the chances of acidity.

Brown Rice: Brown rice and barley cannot create acid in the body. Therefore, it is beneficial to have brown rice and barley.

Baking Soda: It is not food however; the consumption of low amount of baking soda avoids acidity.

Celery: It is beneficial to intake celery with warm water to avoid acidity.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Health Benefits Soaked Methi Seeds - Ayurveda Upay

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soaked methi seeds
We used methi to prepare food. It is found in everyone’s home. Methi works as medicine. It is used since ancient time. There are several benefits of soaked methi seeds and its water. Methi has many health problems. Methi has many nutrients such as carotene, copper, zinc, sodium, folic acid and magnesium. Methi purifies the blood and cures much disease.

Blood Pressure: Soaked methi seeds are beneficial for high blood pressure patient. Soaked soya and methi in water for overnight. Next morning, eat it in 5 gm amount. This improves blood circulation in the body and gets relief from blood pressure.

Sperm Count: The regular consumption of soaked methi seeds avoid infertility problem in mail. It increases sperm count and improve its quality.

Gastric Problem: Methi seeds remove toxins from the body and keeps kidney healthy. It also avoids gastric problem such as irritation and acidity.

Weight: Soaked methi easily reduce the weight. Soaked methi seeds in water for overnight. Drink this water in morning. It reduces weight and avoids diseases. It protects the body from diseases.

Piles: Piles is serious problem. Patient suffers a lot due to piles. Soaked the methi seeds and soya in water for overnight. Grind it in morning and drink its juice. It gives relief from piles. You can also put soaked methi seeds on piles.

Sugar: Methi seeds contain soluble fibers that control blood sugar and diabetes.

Skin & Hair: Soaked the methi seeds and prepare its paste. Apply this paste in hair. This makes hair strong and it will not become white. The consumption of methi seeds with empty stomach avoids pimples.

Arthritis: Methi seeds are beneficial in bone pain such as arthritis and sciatica. Prepare mixture of saunth with one gram methi powder. Drink it with hot water twice in a day. It gives relief from arthritis.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Health Benefits of Belpatra - Ayurveda Upay

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Belpatra is used to worship lord Shiva. It is beneficial to avoid many diseases.

    •    It is beneficial to use belpatra leaves juice to avoid fever. Belpatra juice is also beneficial to avoid irritation of bee, barr or beetle bite. It gives relief from pain.

    •    Belpatra is very beneficial for heart patient. The belpatra juice strengthens heart and avoids risk o heart attack. Belpatra juice is nectar for breathing patients. Drinking belpatra juice has great benefits in breathing disease.

    •    Belpatra juice is beneficial in body heat or mouth ulcers. One can put belpatra leaves in mouth and chew them. This avoids mouth ulcer problem.

    •    Piles are very common disease. Bloody piles are a very painful disease. Extract the juice from root of belpatra and mix sugar in it to prepare powder. Take this powder with cold water in morning-evening. You can eat it three times if you get more pain. It gives instant relief from piles.

    •    Mix raw belpatra pulp, saunf and saunth. Prepare its juice and drink it. Do this remedy for one week. It gives relief.

    •    The problems of cold, cold and fever are often high in rainy season. It is beneficial to drink belpatra juice by adding honey. Also, the paste of it and jaggery is beneficial in ague.

    •    Belpatra juice is beneficial to avoid stomach or intestines worms and diarrhea. It gives good relief in diarrhea.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Water - Home Remedies

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We all know that hot water is necessary for our body. It is advisable to drink at least 7-8 glass water in a day. Drinking hot water in morning keeps stomach healthy. It increases appetite and improves digestion. It keeps the throat and bladder clean. It gives relief in gout and phlegm. On the other hand, cold water reduces the digestive system, so that it prevents absorption, metabolism and dehydration.

Nose: The hot water steam gives relief from sinus pain. Drinking hot water does not accumulate mucus and the nose remains open.

Food: Digestion remains healthy by drinking hot water. It also gives relief from gas. Drink one glass hot after meal. The food easily digested and stomach remains light.

Nerves: Drinking hot water helps the nerves to relax. One cannot get pain when your nerves system remains calm. Arthritis patient must drink hot water.

Constipation: The lack of water in body created constipation. Drink one glass hot water in morning. This avoids constipation.

Obesity: The mixture of hot water with honey and lemon juice is beneficial to reduce weight. You can also drink one cup hot water after meal.

Blood Circulation: It is necessary to have good blood circulation. Hot water is beneficial in this process. The proper blood circulation in body avoids heart diseases.

Detox: The endocrine system becomes active when you drink hot water. It increases sweat. It removes dirt from the body through sweat.

Natural Pain: The hot water improves blood flow till tissue. It makes muscles relax. It avoids body pain. The muscles has 80% water therefore, it avoids pain.

Stress: Drink hot water if you are suffering with any type of stress. Cortisol is stress hormone, which creates stress in the body. Hot water slows down this hormone and reduces level of stress.

Body: The hot water makes body hydrated. It is necessary to have hydrate body. Every work requires water. Heart rate, nausea, fatigue and headache will increase by keeping body dehydrated.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Side effects of Eating more Jaggery? - Home Remedies

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Jaggery has many nutrients. Many people like to eat jaggery. It increase the metabolism and it is very good source of energy. Jaggery avoids fatigue, indigestion and migraine.

Weight: 100 gm jaggery contains 385 calories. People who do dieting for weight loss they should avoid having jaggery. However, they can eat little amount of jaggery. But the high consumption may increase weight. Jaggery is sweet and full of carbs.

Blood Sugar: Jaggery is very sweet and nutritious compared to sugar. But the consumption of it in high amount may increase blood sugar. 10 gm jaggery contains 9.7 gm sugar.

Parasites Infection: If jaggery is not prepared well then bacteria may remain in it. It affects intestines. Usually, jaggery is prepared in village. People do not take care of it while preparing jaggery. Therefore, bacterial remain in it and it affects the health.

Indigestion: The fresh jaggery may create diarrhea. Some people may face indigestion problem after having fresh jaggery.

Blood from Nose: Jaggery is hot. One might get blood from nose if he eats more jaggery in summer. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid having jaggery in summer.

Health: Jaggery is not completely refined and it has high amount of sucrose. Gout patient should avoid having jaggery. Many researches have shown that sucrose interferes with omega-3 fatty acid. This may create irritation and inflammation in the body.

Advice: According to Ayureda, do not eat jaggery with fish. It gives serious side effects. If you are suffering from ulcerative colitis, then you should not consume jaggery.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Top #5 Health Benefits of Moong Dal - Home Remedies

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Moong Dal
Everybody likes to eat moong dal. Moong dal is very beneficial for health. It keeps our body immune. It contains protein, carbohydrates and phosphors. Moong dal water is also beneficial for body. It avoids anemia and reduces weight. Moong dal water removes toxins from the body and protect from diseases.

Property: Moong dal water immunes the body. It removes heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the body. It has high amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It contains good amount of vitamin C, carbs, protein and dietary fiber. Its glycemic index is very low. The mixture of moong dal with ghee gives nutrients. Moong dal water controls body temperature. It gives energy to the body.

Weight: Moong dal water is beneficial to reduce weight. It reduces calorie and hunger. Moong dal water gives energy to the body. You can drink one bowl moong dal water in morning-evening.

Light Lentil
: Many times one gets too much sweat and immune system becomes weak. Moong dal water gives energy to the body. It is easily digested. It is very beneficial for body and mind. Moong dal is light therefore; it does not create gas in stomach.

Healthy for Child: Moong dal water is very beneficial for child. It is very healthy. The moong dal water is easily digested. It increases the immune power of the body. It also increases immunity.

Diarrhea: If you are suffering with diarrhea then you can drink one cup moong dal water. It not only fulfills the scarcity of water but also avoids diarrhea.

Method: You can cook the moong dal in cooker and mix water in it. Mix one small teaspoon butter in it. You can also mix little salt in it.

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