Thursday, January 18, 2018

Side Effects Of Sleeping On Stomach

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We do many mistakes at night that impact on our health. Sleeping on stomach is one of them. If we sleep on stomach then blood circulation is not done properly. Also, body does not remain in natural shape and one face many health problems.

Side Effects Of Sleeping On Stomach

Sleeping On Stomach
Neck Pain: The neck gets twisted with the strength of the stomach. This leads to stretch of neck muscles and blood circulation is not done properly. In this way, seems to be a neck pain.

Back Pain: The spinal cord does not remain in its natural shape by sleeping on the stomach. This causes problems of back pain.

Headache: The neck gets twisted with the strength of the stomach. It does not have the supply of blood to the head and headache begins to occur.

Joint Pain: Bones are not kept in the right position by sleeping on the stomach. This increases the risk of joint pain.

Effect on Face: Face remains dull due to sleeping on stomach. It does not provide adequate oxygen to the skin of the face. In this case, wrinkles and pimples are started on the face.

Indigestion: The food does not digest properly by sleeping on the stomach. This leads to problem of indigestion.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Avoid These 5 Things for Kidney Damage

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You probably will not know that 20 percent of kidney functioning is good enough for normal life. Therefore, it is possible to find out about its damage being run after a long time. 

Avoid These 5 Things for Kidney Damage

Kidney Damage
You will be surprised to know that our common habits can cause kidney damage. By the time we find out it is very late.

Water: It is important to have proper hydrate for function of kidneys. If you do not drink water in a manner, toxin starts accumulating in the blood. Due to lack of water, this toxin cannot get out of the body. According to the National Kidney Foundation, 12 glasses of water should be consumed every day.

Exercising: Exercise is a good way to keep kidney clean. It is believed that keeping in weight control reduces the chances of kidney damage. If you want to keep your kidneys healthy, then do exercises.

Common Infections: Sometimes we do not pay attention to common infections such as cold and flu which later cause kidney damage. Those who do not take proper treatment and do not rest, the chances of kidney disease increase.

Taking Medicine of Every Pain
: The habit of taking pen killer damages the kidney. Think twice before taking a pen killer after every minor pain.

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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Unknown Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits

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In winter, many health problems occur. But we can reduce this health problem through dry fruits. 

Unknown Health Benefits Of Dry Fruits

dry fruits
We should include 4-5 almonds, 1 walnut and 2 figs in daily diet. They contain vitamin and minerals that avoids many diseases. 

Daily having 4 almonds reduce the risk of heart disease.

Heart Disease
: This reduces cholesterol of the body and helps to keep heart healthy.

High BP
: Having almond in winter increases alpha tocopherol in blood. It helps to control BP.

Viral Infection
: Having almond in winter increases immunity. This avoids viral infection and the risk of diseases.

Brain Stroke: Walnut contains anti-oxidants that improve blood circulation of the body. This reduces the risk of brain stroke.

Cancer: Having fig in winter reduces the risk of cancer. It contains anti-oxidants that protect the formation of cancer cells.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Health Problem Related To Upset Stomach

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Due to neglecting the diet and not being physically active, many people get stomach upset. Problems such as constipation, acidity and acute stomach pain are beginning to occur. 

Upset Stomach
If these problems persist for a long time then there may be signs of some serious illness. By identifying them at the right time and taking treatment, the risk of these diseases can be avoided.

Peptic Ulcer: If there is long abdominal pain, it can be peptic ulcer. Not paying attention to this may increase the risk of bleeding, infection and gastric cancers in the stomach.

Diarrhea: Digestion is bad due to stomach upset. This can cause problems like diarrhea, stomach ache and flatulence.

Bowl Disease: Due to abdominal stomach, pain occurs in the lower part of the stomach. In this way, immunity becomes weak, thereby the risk of bowel disease increase.

Hemorrhoids: It can be a problem due to poor stomach problems. It causes severe pain in the stomach and blood spots in the stool.

Gastric Acid Reflux Disease: Due to abdominal stomach, excessive acids are formed in the stomach. Problems of gastric acid reflux disease are started due to this problem for a long time.

Swelling in the Stomach: Due to the stomach disorders, there is a problem of pain and fever in the lower part of the stomach. This happens because of taking less fiber. The risk increases with age.

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